BNMF 2018 – Call for Student Piano Pieces

Deadline for Submissions: Completed scores due by Monday, May 14, 2018
Event Date: Saturday, October 20, 2018 (2018 BNMF)
Event Venue: Alabama Piano Gallery
Instruments: Piano (for students of different levels)
Duration: Depends on Level

For the Birmingham New Music Festival 2018 we will continue our partnership with Birmingham Metro Music Forum through which BAMA composers will write new music for performance by Birmingham-area private piano students. The piano pieces from last year will be included in a folder with any new submissions from which piano teachers will be picking music to be performed.

PLEASE NOTE: Since we have a wide selection of music from last year, there is no need to pick a specific difficulty level to write for prior to submitting. However, submitting composers should be aware that there is a chance that not every submission (from this year, or prior year submissions) will have the ability to be performed by students. The piano teachers will be provided with a folder containing all submissions from which they will pick a composition at the appropriate level for their student(s).

To ensure that we write music of appropriate difficulty, the teachers of BMMF have also provided us with a guide to difficulty levels (click here to view “Examples of Piano Rep Levels”). Please make sure that your music is difficulty level is noted in the file name, as explained below.

How to Submit: PDF scores should be emailed to with “2018 BNMF-Piano Students” as the subject.  The PDF should be named “StudentLevel-Composer-Title.pdf”  For example, a composition written for a level 3 student should be “3-Moon-CompositionTitle.pdf.”  Submissions will be considered incomplete if they don’t include:

  • A PDF score
  • A level specification in the file name, as detailed above

BAMA members in current standing can submit up to 3 new pieces for piano students.