Call for Scores – Arias and Art Songs

Event: “Arias and Art Songs”
Event Date: November 12, 2019
Event Location: Reynolds-Kirschbaum Concert Hall, Alys Stephens Center, UAB

Deadline for Score Submissions: Friday, September 13, 2019**

**The deadline for submitting scores for our upcoming “Arias and Artsongs”
concert has been extended to Friday, September 13th. We have already received several works for soprano and baritone. If anyone has a work (or two) for mezzo-soprano, tenor, or bass, please feel free to submit it using the criteria posted on the original call below.

If you are a submitting BAMA member and not submitting a work of your own, consider sponsoring an emerging or mid-career composer whose work you admire. Women and minority composers are particularly encouraged. The process is the same as submissions from performer members.

Voice Type/Instrumentation: soprano, mezzo-soprano, tenor, baritone, and/or bass voice with or without piano. Works that feature electronics and/or other instruments besides piano cannot be considered at this time.

Duration: Preference will be given to works longer than 3 minutes and less than 10 minutes.

Requirements:  Alliance members in good standing are invited to submit two scores for the call; only one score per voice-type may be submitted (see details below).


Please submit 1-2 pieces for the above-listed voices with/without piano, in any combination.

Preference will be given to works longer than 3 minutes and less than 10 minutes; individual songs from longer collections or excerpts from operatic works will also be considered.

Members may submit two scores for consideration, however, only one score per voice-type may be submitted (for example, members can submit one score for soprano and piano, and another score for baritone and piano, but not two scores for soprano and piano). Combinations of the above-listed voice-types will also be considered (duets, etc.); submissions that include more than two voices per score will require the composer to reimburse the Alliance for the cost of additional performers.

The extended deadline for scores is: Friday, September 13, 2019.

How to submit:

All submissions should be sent via email to  with the subject heading “BAMA Arias and Art Songs Call – Your Name,” and should include an attachment or a link (Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer, etc) with the following files:

  1.  A PDF of the score (PDFs can also be sent as an attachment);
  2. An audio recording, if available (MIDI realizations are acceptable);
  3. A PDF document listing the name of the composer, title of the piece, instrumentation, duration, short biographical statement, and program notes.

Failure to supply all required materials with submissions will result in the composition not being considered for programming.