Call for Scores – 2019 DIY

Concert dates: October, 2019
Submission deadline: June 30, 2019
Venues: TBD
Instrumentation: Any
Duration: no maximum limit, although preference will be given to proposals under 10 minutes

Overview: There will be at least two nano-curated concerts during the 2019 Birmingham New Music Festival. If BAMA membership is current, propose (ordered by preference) up to 2 works that you will perform, sponsor, or otherwise oversee. Note that, even though a proposal may include more than one performer, the stipend for each proposal will be normal scale for a solo performance.

Send the following info to  with the subject “DIY Call – [your last name]”:

  • Submitting BAMA member
  • Composer, if different from submitter
  • Performer(s), or number of performers if not yet engaged
  • Title
  • Duration
  • Requirements (audio, AC power, etc.) — if amplified, indicate whether self-contained or need house system

Proposals may include any of the following:

  • solo or group improvisation
  • solo performance by the composer, with or without electronics
  • fixed media (including video)
  • guest artist sponsorship
  • proxies or additional performers