BAMA is an organization that evolves according to the needs and aesthetics of its members. During the past 26 years, many ambitious and successful projects happened when one member opened an initiative to everyone, or just threw out a suggestion that caught fire. With that in mind, you are invited to suggest up to five ideas for concerts, events, guest artists, etc.  Each proposal should be something that, if realized, you would participate in and somehow help to facilitate. Otherwise, any ideas are welcome, from the practical to wildly aspirational.

Please send to  by August 17. Proposals will be 
compiled for a subsequent survey, the results of which will inform 
future programming.

Here are a few examples:

* String orchestra (4/3/2/2/1 or larger)
* A series of concerts featuring new works for pipe organ, programmed in 
several regional churches, ideally in collaboration with the American 
Guild of Organists.
* Trombonist specializing in new music, who, in addition to bringing 
repertoire, would consider new submissions (notated, improv, and/or 
electronic), and play solo or with BAMA performing members.
* Iron Giant Percussion Quartet + Piano, in collaboration with 
choreographers and dancers