BAMA Membership Information

Dear Colleagues,

Now is the time of year that we solicit new and renewed membership for the Birmingham Art Music Alliance.  The benefits of membership are many and include:

  • Limitless networking among local composers and performers
  • The chance to meet and work with visiting artists from all over the country and the world
  • For composers, public performances of your work
  • For performers, monetary compensation for playing new music
  • Notification of festivals, conferences, contests, employment, and other career opportunities

How Membership with BAMA Works

Our seasons typically run from October 1st through September 30th of each year. Due to the amount of planning involved, we often program our concerts up to a year in advance (sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on their complexity). For this reason, when you join BAMA, your membership will allow you to submit to any calls that are open when you join or open after you join, but be aware that most opportunities will be for the next season since most of the current season has likely already been programmed. On occasion, we have calls that occur in the middle of a season, and a current membership allows you to submit to these calls as well. If you join BAMA after May 1st of any season, your membership will be extended to the next season as well.

Membership in the Alliance is divided into three categories:

  1. Submitting Member (composer or performer): – Join at this level now.
      • $75 for a one-year membership (10/1-9/30)
      • May submit works for programming consideration
      • Performers may submit works by living non-Alabama composers
      • May serve as a BAMA officer, committee chair, or committee member
      • Elected BAMA Officers and Committee chairs are able to join as submitting members at the $25 level.
  1. Student Composer Member: – Join at this level now.
      • $25 for a one-year membership (10/1-9/30)
      • May submit works for programming consideration
      • May serve as a BAMA officer, committee chair, or committee member
      • Must be currently enrolled in a recognized educational institution
  1. Supporting Member: Join at this level now.

      • $25 for a one-year membership (10/1-9/30)
      • Open to the general public, or composers/performers who want to retain BAMA association but not submit works.
      • May serve as a BAMA officer, committee chair, or committee member
      • May not submit works for programming consideration

Submitting members are expected to actively participate in the organization by serving on committees, as well as assisting in the planning and production of any concert on which they are programmed. Priority program consideration for the next season will be given to those members who are active in helping with the operation of the Alliance. In order to be considered for programming and receive notifications of open calls, your membership must be current.

To join, use the PayPal links above or mail a check, payable to the Birmingham Art Music Alliance or BAMA, to the address below.

If you mail a check, include with your payment (or fill out this form):

  • Member name and membership level (Submitting, Student, Supporting)
  • Postal address
  • E-mail address(es)
  • Institutional affiliation (if any)
  • Any committees on which you would be willing to serve (see the list on the next page)
  • Website (if applicable)
  • Phone number(s)
  • A short bio for the BAMA webpage

If you have questions, please email

More information about the Alliance can be found at

Volunteer Opportunities within the Birmingham Art Music Alliance

Programming Committee
Duties include:

  • Review submissions
  • Sponsor and host concerts
  • Help enable and oversee season programming with concert chairs
  • Create and print the season schedule

Publicity Committee
Duties include:

  • Draft press releases
  • Design posters
  • Print posters
  • Post flyers
  • Contact media outlets
  • Create Facebook events
  • Manage Alliance website

Development Committee
Duties include:

  • Write grants
  • Solicit donations
  • Organize fundraising events

BNMF Planning Committee
Duties include:

  • Assist in the development and planning of BAMA’s annual “Birmingham New Music Festival”

Concert Planning and Production (Required participation if you have a work on the concert)
Duties include:

  • Manage stage and technology setup
  • Manage admission and program table
  • Create and collate program information
  • Print programs

If you wish to mail your check, please print this page out, and mail it to the address listed below.

Send check to:

BAMA VP of Membership
429 Green Springs HWY
Suite 161 #323
Birmingham, AL 35209

Please include the info below with your check, or fill out this online form.



Postal Address:____________________________________________________

phone: ___________________

Institutional affiliation (if any):_______________________

Your website:______________________________

Committees on which you are willing to serve (see list above):




Membership Level (circle one):

Submitting Member ($75)

Student Composer member ($25)

Supporting member ($25)