1995-1996 Season

September 18, 1995:  Birmingham-Southern College
Ave Maria and Agnus Dei  — Stephen Jackson
Rules for the Determination of… —  Holland Hopson
Three Laments —  Rusty Banks
Forward Looking Back —  Dorothy Hindman
Don’t Stop Now —  Michael Angell
Fantasy —  Monroe Golden
I Feel the Fell of Dark —  Charles Norman Mason

January 22, 1996:  University of Alabama at Birmingham
Solo Rhapsody for Violin — Michael Angell
Drowning X Numbers — Dorothy Hindman
Eloquence — Lori Neprud-Ardovino
Eight Preludes for the Dance —  James Jensen
Two Psalms —  Monroe Golden
Quartet 60x88x120x208 —  Holland Hopson
One Cry —  Leisha Hultgren/Rusty Banks
The Blazing Macaw —  Charles Norman Mason

March 18, 1996:  Samford University
Fragmentations —  Edwin Robertson
March of the Electric Karaoke Samurai —  Rusty Banks
Constellations — Rebecca Remley
Sonata for Flute and Piano — James Jensen
Nine Islands, Nine Dialects —  Holland Hopson
Departures from a Model —  Monroe Golden
Gypsy Jazz — Carl Vollrath
Three Short Piano Pieces —  Michael Angell

August 22, 1996: Hoover Public Library Auditorium
Suite for Unaccompanied Cello  —  Harold Beerman
Kinetoxic —  Rick Nance
Loci —  Monroe Golden
String Cubed —  Abraham Becker
Mirrors, Stones, and Cotton —  Charles Norman Mason
Bitter (The Wreath)  —  Howard Burkett
Don’t Stop Now —  Michael Angell
Drowning X Numbers —  Dorothy Hindman