1997-1998 Season

October 7, 1997: Samford University
Joe Alexander — Infamy for tuba and tape
Emily Cotney — A Motherless Child for chorus
Dorothy Hindman — I Have Heard for chorus
James Jensen — A Lincoln-Whitman Duologue for chorus and piano
Arturo La Cruz — Jaco’s Dream for tape
Rebecca Remley — From All That Dwell Below the Sky for chorus
Rob Stanton — Alleluia for chorus
Robert Parades — Small Writing for cello

January 20, 1998: Unitarian Universalist Church
Two Songs for soprano, clarinet, and piano — Joe Alexander
Sonata for violoncello and tape —  Michael Angell
Sonata for solo violin — Ron Clemmons
Three Siva Songs for bass voice and cello — Holland Hopson
Three Pieces for clarinet —  James Jensen
Transverse Dance for baroque flute —  Mary Rives
Ode to the Drunk for flute, violin, and cello —  Rob Stanton
Fern Hill for soprano and cello — John Van der Slice

March 9, 1998: University of Montevallo
James E. Bishop — Four Pieces for flute
Lori Neprud-Ardovino — Tetrad Equinox for mezzo-soprano, flute, violin, and piano
Monroe Golden — Three in the Morning for three tenor saxophones
Charles Norman Mason — Hradjanska for flute, violin, cello, and piano
Edwin Robertson — Music for tuba
Jody Landers — Work for clarinet, trumpet, alto flute, celeste, and music box

May 5, 1998: Birmingham-Southern College
Rusty Banks — Slouching Towards Birmingham for guitar quartet
James Grant — Three Furies for tuba
Rebecca Remley — Quintet for winds
Rick Nance — Between Dog and the Wolf
Charles Norman Mason — From Shook Foil
Edwin Robertson — Trumpet Reflection for trumpet and piano
Emma Lou Diemer — Works to be announced

July, 1998: Hoover Public Library
Lori Neprud-Ardovino — Work in progress for two tubas
Monroe Golden — Mudholes are Islands for voice and tape
Larry Owen — Scooter’s Night Out for tape and video
Phillip Ratliff — Psalm for cello and piano
Roddy Mamoru Yamachika — Tuba Etudes
Charles Argersinger — Between Scylla and Charybdis for piano