Call for Scores: Vuorovesi Trio

Call for Scores: Vuorovesi Trio (Diane Boyd Schultz, Mary Lindsey Bailey, Osiris Molina)
Concert Date: March 24, 2025
Submission deadline: Feb 1, 2025 for scores and parts
Instrumentation: standard instrumentation is flute, oboe, Bb Clarinet, doublings of Alto Flute, English horn and Bass Clarinet also available

Formed in 2018, the Vuorovesi Trio (Finnish for “tide”) has quickly become one of the leading woodwind trios of the combination of flute, oboe, and clarinet.  Comprised of University of Alabama School of Music faculty members Diane Boyd Schultz, Mary Lindsey Bailey, and Osiris J. Molina, the trio specializes in the unique repertoire for that combination and has already garnered significant critical acclaim. Their recent performances include a special concert at the historic Cervantes Hall in Havana, Cuba, and featured performers at the most recent International Double Reed Society Conference, National Flute Association Convention, and the International Clarinet Association ClarinetFest.

The trio is particularly interested in new works using all three players but will accept duos and solo submissions.

How to Submit:
By Feb. 1, 2025, email  with the subject “Vuorovesi” and the following info:

  • Composer/collaborator
  • Title
  • Duration
  • Instrumentation
  • Technical requirements
  • Optional recording or demo