Calls for current “Submitting” BAMA members only

NOTE: You must be a BAMA “Submitting Member” for the current season in order to submit scores for any of the calls below. Visit if you want to join BAMA and pay online now.

By submitting scores for programming consideration, you also agree to participate in the development, planning, and presentation of any concert on which your submissions are selected for programming.

Also, some events may require supplemental payment on the part of the submitting member to cover performer fees. If this is the case, it will be clearly communicated within the details of the call for scores, or communicated individually to submitters before it is programmed.

– Current Open Calls –

Call for Scores: Jacob Elkin, trombone

Concert dates: TBD between February 15-24, 2025
Submission deadline: April 26, 2024
Venue(s): TBD
Instrumentation: Tenor or bass trombone, with or without electronics.

Trombonist Jacob Elkin has offered to present a concert featuring BAMA member composers in February of 2025. He is particularly interested in electronics, improvisation, and microtonality but will consider all submissions. Works for solo tenor or bass trombone (acoustic or electronic) are more likely to have repeat performances. Collaborative improvisations and pieces to be performed with local musicians are possible, provided the composer manages rehearsals and covers additional performer fees.

How to Submit:
By April 26, 2024, email with the subject “Elkin” and the following info:

  • Composer/collaborator
  • Working title
  • Duration
  • Instrumentation
  • Technical requirements
  • Optional recording or demo

If the work to be submitted is complete, attach the score in PDF format. Otherwise, include a proposal with a brief description of the composition/collaboration. A due date for proposed compositions will be announced later.

See for more information about the performer.
Email for clarification about the call.

Call for Scores: 2024 Birmingham New Music Festival

Call for Scores: 2024 Birmingham New Music Festival
Concert dates: TBD dates between May 5-17, 2024
Submission deadline: Variable, see details for each category
Venues: TBD
Instrumentation: Variable

2024 will mark the 10th anniversary of the Birmingham New Music Festival, with events planned during the second and third week of May. Current members of the Birmingham Art Music Alliance are invited to send separate submissions for any of the following three categories. Take note of different requirements and deadlines for each.


Submit works for any instrumentation and be responsible for securing performers and organizing rehearsals. This option can also include performances by the composer, works with electronics, improvisation, and/or presentation of music by living non-local composers. Compensation per member for performances in the BYO category is limited to $440 (up to four performers). Works for larger ensembles are feasible if the submitter will compensate additional performers.

By January 10, 2024, email  with the subject “BNMF2024 BYO” and the following info:

* composer, working title, duration, instrumentation and/or number of performers, technical requirements, and optional recording.

List up to 3 submissions, ordered by preference, in the body of the same email message.

The BAMA Players/Stravinsky Septet:

This program, including up to six BAMA works, will close with a performance of Igor Stravinsky’s Septet for clarinet, bassoon, horn, piano, violin, viola, and cello — which reflects the change in his music from neoclassical to serial. Current members are invited to submit compositions of 6 minutes or less that are somehow influenced by the Septet, for any combination of instruments from the septet.

By end of day on December 22, 2023, email  with the subject “BNMF2024 Septet” and the following info:

* composer, working title, duration, and instrumentation.

Scores and parts are due by April 20, 2024.

Solo Cello Works:

Craig Hultgren invites current BAMA members to submit forward-looking solo pieces no more than 12 minutes in duration. The 
pieces may be for acoustic cello or the ecello. They may have electronics.

By end of day December 22, 2023, email  with the subject “BNMF2024 Cello” and the following info:

* composer, working title, duration, technical requirements, and either a brief description of the planned work or (if complete) the score as a PDF attachment.

Scores and performance materials must be received by March 15, 2024.

For insight into the submission, please contact Craig at